Walt Disney World ICP - Day 57 - The Philhar crew is back - 29th July 2013

After the fun we all had together at EPCOT last week today it was time for the Philharmagic crew to spend more time together. Cheryl and Marie-Pier from Pan/Small World were there too before I make it sound too exclusive. We all went for lunch at Golden Corral which cost me a total of about $10 for a buffet of food and unlimited soft drinks. There was everything from pasta and tuna to chips, chicken and roast beef. It was incredible and the dessert selection was even better. I ended up having 4 or 5 plates of food - I definitely need to go back!

Just some of the Golden Corral dessert buffet
With two cars we all drove over to Magic Kingdom but before going in we had a quick visit to Company D - the Cast Member exclusive shop. There I bought a Cast Member decal, a Cast Member pin and a Seaworld ticket - I ended up spending about $95 total but that did include a $87 Seaworld one-day pass.

In the park it was time to take advantage of one of the unofficial perks of working on attractions. When people go on rides such as Peter Pan and it breaks down they are given a re-admission card, a.k.a. a re-add. This allows you entry into any WDW ride whether it has fastpass or not. When guests use these we put them in a fastpass bin - these then go on to be recycled. One way or another we had access to 28 of these re-add tickets so we managed to fastpass Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and the Jungle Cruise. We also waited in the regular line for the Haunted Mansion.

On Splash Mountain!
All in all we rodeAll in all we rode five of the busiest rides including two Splash which is about a ten minute ride in itself all in about 90 minutes. To compare, the queue for Splash Mountain alone was 100 minutes. We were pretty chuffed to say the least. I also got the last of the Magic Kingdom FASTPASSes that I was collecting with Buzz Lightyear, Barnstormer and Dumbo now checked off too!

Work was pretty good and it was a smooth 6 and a half hour day. I forgot my nametag though so I was Stephen from Orlando which of course was annoying when I was called by guests. One guest even asked me if it was pronounced like "Steven" and I was like "Yeah, of course!". I had a meeting with a manager today which was my final performance review - I was given the top rating which is "leading the way" which is great to hear - my customer service skills in particular were noted, as was my ability to lead. I could definitely see myself in some kind of managerial role in a theme park so that was great to hear.

After work we got to add one more ride to the list as we had a late-night flight on Dumbo after the park was closed. It's always lots of fun, but today some of the Cast from other rides were leaving, which made for a sad leaving speech and it's sad to think that next week I'll be in that position too!

Closing the park isn't so bad. Especially when you get to see this...

Seaworld tomorrow!

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