Disneyland Photo Trip Report (Summer 2013) - Part 2

This is Part 2 of my Disneyland Photo Trip report. Read Part 1 of my Disneyland Photo Trip Report where I discuss Disneyland's castle, attractions and unique features.

Disneyland - Parades:
Disneyland of course has it's own parade - Soundsational - the best parade I've ever seen and the casting of characters at Disneyland is spot on and much better than any park I'd seen before.

Nighttime Entertainment:

The nighttime fireworks show at Disneyland is called "Magical". I don't believe it is shown every day of the year

View from the VIP seating area after a Cast Member heard we'd worked at Disney World!

I wasn't a huge fan - but Dumbo flies over the castle, as well as Tinkerbell which was really cool to see!

"Magical" it had the best shooting star firework I'd ever seen - much better than the Magic Kingdom's "Wishes" shooting star pyro.

Fantasmic is a nighttime show with the Disney characters. It is largely the same show as in Orlando but longer and better - and it's all standing room around a lake, not in a seated amphitheatre style.

This scene for example is unique with Peter Pan and Captain Hook fighting on a ship replaces the Pocahontas scene in the Orlando version.

The dragon is also a lot more elaborate at Disneyland - it's incredible!

There's a lot more pyro too in the show!

Live Shows - Mickey and the Magical Map:

The big live show in the park is Mickey and the Magical Map with all the characters.

The park has waayyyy more entertainment than other Disney park. You should spend days and days just watch shows and meeting characters. It's incredible!

Just a quick side note but the food at Disneyland was pretty good - in particular the breakfast!

Finished this trip report? Read the full trip report with much more detail here.


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