London: Regent’s Park (Attractions)

London: Regent’s Park (Attractions)

Nearest Stations: Baker Street, Regent’s Park and Great Portland Street
Address: Chester Road, London, NW1 4NR
Entry price: Free
Typical opening hours: 05:00 to 17:00
Phone: 0300 061 2300

Here you will find the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden which every spring blooms with 12,000 roses. 

In the summer you will find the Open Air Theatre, usually with at least one or two Shakespeare plays a year. The theatre performs from May to September with tickets costing £25 to £60. 

To the north of the park, you will find London Zoo.

Behind Regent’s Park, you will find Primrose Hill, which provides one of the most spectacular views of London’s skyline from the top.


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