London: Save Money on Hotels and Flights

London: Save Money on Hotels and Flights

How to save money on flights to London
When making reservations for your flights, be sure to check both the official airline websites, as well as travel brokers. Websites like, and search many flights sellers at once. Will having a stopover, for example, save you hundreds of pounds? Or changing your arrival or departure airport?

How to save money on London hotels
The place you stay will have a big effect on how much you spend on your trip to London, especially if your stay is longer than a few days. The following few questions are important: How central do you want to stay? What amenities do you realistically need? Are you loyal to a certain brand?

Once you have answered those, go on to a hotel comparison website such as, or Use all of these, plus any others you know, to get the best deal. The same hotel will often be available through different websites for the different prices, and sometimes the savings can be substantial. If you have loyalty points to use, why not use those? 

Budget London hotel brands
Do you need a luxury hotel or will a budget chain like a TravelLodge, Holiday Inn, or EasyHotel do? If you can stay in a budget chain, the savings can be huge. Other affordable chains include Novotel, Ibis Budget and Premier Inn.

Stay in an apartment is another option for travelers, where you can rent out a room in someone’s house, or even an entire apartment. Although you are not necessarily going to pay less money overall, you may be able to find a nicer apartment that more closely mirrors London life for a similar price for a hotel room. If you are going to be touring for more than a week, this is a good option to stay in a more residential neighborhood, as opposed to only being amongst tourists. It also allows you to cook your own meals, saving a bit of money there too. You can save at least £25 on your Airbnb stay by signing up via our exclusive link -

Other options
Lastly, there is couch surfing – a free, or minimal cost opportunity – orchestrated online to, quite literally, crash on someone’s couch. While this may be a viable option, one thing to note is that space is perceived very differently by Londoners than most other people. Londoners are used to less space than many people around the world. If you need a lot of privacy and quiet, this is probably not the best option.

Finally, get travel insurance before leaving home, so if you have a problem you will be covered. This may increase the cost of your trip by a little bit, but will save you a lot of money if something goes wrong.


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